Sunday, December 6, 2009

Out and Around: Little Sheep Hotpot

Last week was my mom's birthday. Happy birthday mom!! My mom is my source for all Chinese food, so expect to see some of that soon!

We had lunch with some family friends, but for dinner we had Chinese hot pot at Little Sheep.

Interesting Bamboo decor

We started off with a plate of yummy golden fried buns. Usually they come in plain and fried ("silver" and "golden") at this restaurant, but I requested for all of them to be fried. Hehe. Bad I know, but you only live once. These were delicious, especially with the condensed milk.

But this place is really about the hot pot. Here's a picture of the broth (1/2 spicy, 1/2 original):

The hot pot there is really superb. It's not the kind you have at home with just chicken stock. There are all sorts of condiments bubbling in the broth, which you can get original or spicy-flavored. The broth is delicious. I would drink a ton of it but it's probably full of fat from all the stuff you cook in it! I don't know exactly what's in it, but the menu said green onion, cilantro, vinegar, etc, and you can see garlic, Chinese herbs, goji berry, and other goodies.

You can pick whatever you want to go inside. We picked lamb, beef, assorted tofu, spinach, fishballs with meat inside, rice noodles, and blood cakes (this was kind of an accident, we thought it was those blood-flavored cakes but they were actual congealed blood??).

Assorted tofu platter

Meat, meatballs, blood!, spinach, rice noodles

The meat was fresh and sliced thinly. Everything was really fresh and delicious, actually. Little Sheep encourages you to not use dipping sauce, unlike normal Chinese hotpot. I think the seasonings and the freshness of the ingredients speak for themselves, so you don't really need the sauce anyway.

I would highly recommend this place, it's one of my favorites! In these winter months, it's Chinese comfort food.

Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot (小肥羊)
215 S. Ellsworth Ave., San Mateo
(650) 343-2566

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