Sunday, July 11, 2010

Picnic in the Presidio

On a sunny San Francisco afternoon, I decided to celebrate the unusually warm weather with a picnic at the Presidio. It's gorgeous with an open grass field where you can spread out and relax.

I bought this gorgeous basket from Pier One. You can fit in tons of goodies and a bottle of wine.

I brought crackers, goat cheese with herbs, a peach, sliced mangoes, sparkling fruit wine, berries, and mini sandwiches.

I made these sandwiches with asiago foccaccia, grilled peppers, ham, and pepper jack cheese. They were really delicious. The flavors really melded together and they traveled really well. They might be even better with a nice aioli.

If you ever have a day off, it's nice to go out with some berries, cheese, crackers, and just enjoy the sunshine. We've lost a lot of the romanticism that we had before in picnicking. People just pack a sandwich and some potato salad and call it a day. Sure, that's probably more efficient, less messy, and less time consuming. But would it hurt if we all had a little romance and optimism in our lives?

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