Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'll have them Nick's Way...

Nightclub Rouge by night, Nick's Crispy Tacos by day! I've never been to Rouge, but I can definitely tell the place is a nightclub. There are chandeliers, red velvet booths, and a bar. It's very campy and I enjoy the contrast between the food and the setting. On Tuesdays for happy hour starting at 5pm, it gets really full and it can be hard to find a seat.

After the first time I went to Nick's Crispy Tacos, I started thinking it was a very good thing I did not live next door. I would probably be here every Tuesday if that were the case for Taco Tuesdays! On Tuesdays, tacos, quesadillas, chips/salsa/guacamole are all $2, and there are drinks specials as well.

For messy, fattening, delicious food, there's nothing like Nick's.

Chips, salsa and guac. Although some people have taken issue with the creamy consistency of the guacamole, I actually really like it. This is a classic and for $2 for this amount of guacamole, it can't be beat. Their chips are a nice crunchy consistency without being too hard (maybe they're homemade?)

The quesadilla was huge! I got the pollo asada. It was nice, but a little greasy. I can't help but think I prefer my own quesadillas.

And finally, the tacos. These are the main attraction at Nick's. Everything is $2 except for the seafood tacos. The pesco asada, fried fish, is the best taco there. I always get it even though it's not a special. You have to get them Nick's Way (with guacamole, cheese, crispy taco) which makes it almost $5, the price of a burrito at many other restaurants! This practically is a burrito though in size, so it's worth it to me. These are the best!! It's a perfect balance of flavors and texture: the creamy softness of the fish, the crispy fried shell, the soft taco, the fried taco, the crunch of the veggies, the smooth guacamole. Nick's really balances the flavors and uses the freshest ingredients; I've never had a stale taco. I really swear by this!!

Overall, I think Nick's is great. It's definitely a staple. My one gripe is that they could cut back on the oil in some of the dishes. It's comfort food though, so I can't complain too much. I would definitely recommend this as a weekly Tuesday spot.

Nick's Crispy Taco
1500 Broadway San Francisco
CA 94109-2516
(415) 409-8226


  1. OMGosh! At my last visit to SF I tried Nick's and was in taco heaven!!! So delicious, great photos :)

  2. Thanks for the compliment! :) I know people rave about Rubio's fish tacos, but they obviously haven't tried Nick's. (my opinion, of course.)